is not the home of Laekna anymore

The coronavirus induced pandemic is waning. Thanks to our medical warriors. However, there are several other dangerous diseases that need medical research and advancement. Among these, Cancer still remains one of the deadliest ones. Modern science has made great advancements in its treatment and is continuously improving their treatment. And at the forefront of these advancements stands Laekna.

Laekna Group is a leading biopharmaceutical company based in the US and China. It has speciality in Cancer and Liver related diseases.The company has even acquired exclusive rights to anti-PD-L1 Antibody. The company however, in an announcement, has decided to move to a new domain name. Until now the company’s home has been operating on LaeknaTP stands for Laekna Therapeutics. The company has moved to the new domain name

The reason for the change is quite obvious. suggests confinement to the Therapeutic sector. The new provides ample window for expansion. The new name also provides a larger scope of Branding. LaeknaTP might have confused many, however Laekna is much more clear. The term Laekna is derived from old Norse which means, ‘to cure, to heal’.


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