JRR Tolkien based Domain name and Cryptocurrency banned

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in its ruling, has banned a Cryptocurrency that had been named after the late writer JRR Tolkien. The Organization has also stopped the operation of a domain name owned by the company that was very similar to the writer’s name. 

The Cryptocurrency that we are talking about was named JRR Token. They operated on the domain name JRRToken.com. In fact the domain name even boasted the popular phrase, ‘The one token that rules them all’. A reference to the original ring quote. 

The Tolkien State that is managed by children of JRR Tolkien however, was in no mood to take this situation lightly and approached WIPO. The Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, contested that ‘Token’ was a generic term and should not be confused with ‘Tolkien’. However, WIPO was convinced that the Cryptocurrency and the domain name infringed upon the copyrighted entities of the state and banned both the currency and the domain name.


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