John Oliver jokes through this domain name

As of 10/08/2021

John Oliver has a knack of presenting important issues with strong and stinging arguments in the form of jokes. In his popular show Last Week Tonight John Oliver talks about a wide range of issues. And for a few weeks, the center of his shows has been the Opioid crisis

America has been suffering from the overuse of the drug. So much, that it has been termed as an endemic. Several cases have been filed against the pharmaceutical companies responsible for it. One of such companies is Purdue Pharma. In October 2020,the company even pleaded guilty to charges, filed for bankruptcy and agreed to pay $8 billion

The company was owned by the Sackler family and they would have to pay $4.5 billion. This might seem a fair punishment. But, not according to John Oliver. According to the comedian, the fine was only a fraction of their total wealth. Purdue Pharma was declared bankrupt, and not the Sackler family. In fact the $4.5 billion would provide them protection against any future financial liability. 

Adding on to the top of this the Sackler family started a website on domain name, which is basically a PR effort. The website tries to do an image makeover by giving various reasons as to why the Sackler family are not so bad. 

John on the other hand was taken aback by this effort as well as the choice of the extension. He even joked that the family could have gone for a .com domain name considering their wealth. In fact, the comedian actually bought the domain name

John’s website shows links of his videos related to the Opioid crisis.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    John Oliver reliably puts his jokes into the real world, memorably with one-off websites or buying air time on TV in other countries. But he lied about the metadata on his own website. It’s unclear if he should ever be trusted again.
    In his biting critique of gambling daily fantasy sports websites — DraftKings, in particular — Oliver points out that they have used search-engine-optimized (SEO) keywords that use the word “betting” to signal to Google that, yes, it’s gambling — even when executives claim otherwise. Oliver shared his own SEO tags that his tech team uses to promote the program’s website. Apparently, anybody interested in finding a “british nerd,” “brit dork,” “news goof,” or “birdy fact funny man” will come across the Last Week Tonight website, whether they like it or not.

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