Jackson County’s Transition from .ORG to .GOV: Ensuring Trust and Security in Domain Names

In a significant move toward enhancing online trust and security, Jackson County is set to make a noteworthy change to its internet presence. Starting on Wednesday, October 11, the County’s web address will shift from the familiar .ORG domain to the more secure .GOV namespace. This transition brings several improvements that are worth exploring, both for residents and domain name enthusiasts.

A Safer Internet with .GOV

At the heart of this transition lies the desire to create a safer online environment. You may be wondering why this switch from .ORG to .GOV matters. The answer lies in the regulation—or lack thereof—of these top-level domains.

The .ORG domain has been widely accessible, allowing virtually anyone with a credit card to register a domain name in just a few minutes. While this accessibility has its merits, it also raises concerns. It becomes challenging to differentiate between trustworthy and potentially unreliable .ORG domains. For this reason, U.S. government agencies are making the shift to the .GOV domain, which is subject to rigorous control by CISA, the lead federal cybersecurity agency.

The Role of CISA

CISA, or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of government-related online platforms. They oversee the allocation of .GOV domain names, ensuring that only verified U.S. government entities can obtain them.

This stringent control provides a crucial layer of security for both the government and the public. When you interact with a website or receive an email from an address ending in .GOV, you can be confident that it originates from an official government agency. This distinction is fundamental for trust, especially in a digital age where online interactions are commonplace.

Jackson County’s Migration to .GOV

For Jackson County, this transition marks a significant step toward securing its online presence. The County’s public website, currently located at www.JacksonCountyOR.org, will soon find its new home at JacksonCountyOR.gov. Simultaneously, the County’s email system will adopt @JacksonCountyOR.gov addresses for its employees.

What to Expect from the New Website

The shift to JacksonCountyOR.gov comes with more than just a change in the domain name. The County is also launching a brand-new public website, complete with exciting features:

  1. Fresh Look-and-Feel: The new website will have an updated design, offering a more contemporary and user-friendly experience.
  1. Improved Search and Mobile Usability: The emphasis on enhanced search functionality and mobile-friendliness ensures that visitors can easily access information and services.
  1. Better Language Translation: With improved language translation capabilities, the website aims to cater to a broader audience.
  1. Enhanced Accessibility: The County is committed to making the website more accessible to individuals with visual impairments, ensuring that everyone can navigate and utilize its resources.

Prepare for Changes

It’s important to be aware that most website URLs will change on October 11. Therefore, any bookmarked links to specific pages on the current public website will no longer function. Additionally, search results on Google and Bing may initially display broken cached links until these search engines update their indexes.

In summary, Jackson County’s transition from .ORG to .GOV demonstrates a commitment to online security and trust. By embracing the controlled .GOV domain, the County ensures that its online presence is synonymous with authenticity, ultimately benefiting its residents and the broader online community. The upcoming changes not only reinforce trust but also bring a fresh and improved online experience to all who interact with Jackson County’s digital resources.

Source: https://jacksoncountyor.org/Whats-New/News/jackson-county-oregons-new-internet-address-jacksoncountyorgov-1


  1. Jackson County’s switch from .ORG to .GOV is fantastic news for online safety and trust. It means tighter control by CISA, which boosts the authenticity and security of government-related websites. The fresh website updates sound promising for an improved user experience. All in all, this transition is a positive step towards a friendlier and more secure online environment.

  2. William Bentick Avatar
    William Bentick

    That’s great news! It’ll definitely boost trust and authenticity in their online presence.

  3. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Jackson County’s decision to transition from .org to .gov domains is a commendable step towards enhancing trust and security in their digital presence. It’s crucial for government websites to have a clear, official identity, assuring residents that they’re interacting with genuine sources. This move reinforces the community’s confidence in their online services and information. It’s a small change with significant impacts!

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