Is .vn available to foreigners?

 .vn is the ccTLD of Vietnam. The extension gives an identity and recognition to Vietnamese business and individuals operating online. However, is the .vn  space open for everyone or is it restricted to Vietnamese people? Let’s see.

Vietnam assigns its domain name in two broad forms. The first is the second level domain names under the TLD .vn. Additionally, it also sells third-level domain names under a list of second-level .vn domain names like,,,, etc.

.vn domain names are available to three categories of clients. First, the Vietnamese residentials, entities and business organisations. Second, Foreign individuals resident in Vietnam. Third, foreign businesses operating in Vietnam through subsidiaries, branches, offices, investment or websites in Vietnamese domain names.

So, there are two broad takeaways for foreign individuals. They need to have either of the two things to get a Vietnamese domain name. First, you should have your business or some part of your business in Vietnam. Or Second, you need to have a Vietnamese domain name with you already.

.vn  is actually quite popular in South-East Asia. In the ASEAN region it was one of the most popular domain names. In Asia, it was ranked in the Top 10. The extension has even crossed the half-a-million mark. 

Getting to these numbers with a partially open market for foreigners, shows the solid demand for the TLD at home.


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