Irish domain name provider acquires AGENT Digital

SmartHost is a leading provider of web services in Ireland. The company provides services in different categories that includes domain registration, web hosting and web support. 

The company has now announced the acquisition of another web related firm called AGENT Digital. AGENT Digital is the digital arm of the AGENT Media conglomerate. 

AGENT Digital helps companies in website design, development and maintenance. The company currently provides its services to thousands of companies working in Ireland and outside. 

The merger will provide a stronger hold to SmartHost and its services. The technology and clientele of AGENT could be crucial in determining and shaping SmartHost’s future. The merger would provide a fast, robust, efficient web service provider with brilliant customer support and branding divisions.


  1. Since 2000 the business of administrating the domain registry has been handled by IE Domain Registry Limited. Domain name registration is open to individuals located in, or with a significant connection with, any part of the island of Ireland.

    How do I get an Irish domain name?
    To secure an exclusive Irish domain name, you will need to show your connection to Ireland. This can be achieved through documentation such as; a registered business number, VAT number, or copy of your driver’s license or passport.

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