Instagram to tweak its algorithm to support Original Content

A report by Gadgets Now, has claimed that Instagram is going to make some changes in its algorithm, aimed at promoting the Original Content. The Meta owned subsidiary added some new tags and improved their ranking mechanisms. 

The shift would provide Original Content creators a silver lining in the cloud of sharing and resharing of the same by third party actors. An original content, if not given special treatment, would fail to differentiate itself from a copied content. If the duration between the posting time of the two isn’t much, it is very likely that someone would confuse one with the other. And now imagine that there are not one, but many counterfeits doing this on a regular basis. This is a major impediment to the financial as well as psychological development of Original Content Creators. 

Although we aren’t informed yet on the specific tweaks in the algorithms that have been introduced, it does seem to revolve around the introduction of an ‘Original Content’ tag that might be attached to post. Such tagging could be an efficient differentiator in the view of the content consumer.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Adding descriptive and accurate hashtags to your posts is an effective way to increase your reach on Instagram. If the algorithm can recognize what your post is about, it can share it with people who are interested in that topic more easily.
    The Instagram algorithm is broken down into 3 main factors: INTEREST, RELATIONSHIP, TIMELINESS.

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