Infoblox unites Networking and Security with New Branding

Infoblox, the market leader in Domain Name System, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and IP address management, recently announced a new go-to-market approach and brand. The company’s new logo represents the unification of networking and security with seven shapes combined to create a single diamond.

It signifies both stability and progression as Infoblox looks to the future to maintain its leadership in established markets and builds its presence in new growth areas. 

In a pre-briefing with analysts, CEO Scott Harrell talked about the changing nature of both industries and why it’s time for networking and security to come together. The world is quite different now and has shifted to being network-centric. All the digital transformation building blocks – cloud, mobility, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and the like – are all network-centric, and that changes the security equation. With that in mind, what’s Infoblox’s role in this?

DNS and its role in security

The main focus area of fraudsters is attacking the actual workers and this is primarily done through user-directed attacks. Take phishing, for example, it is getting a lot smarter and more accurate with AI tools. Modern phishing can fool a worker into believing an email came from their company leader and will cause the employee to log into a site that looks like the company. Harrell gave an example where a directed e-mail could send people to “” instead of “” where the former has a lowercase “L,” making it indistinguishable to the user. This leads to credential theft as workers would input their username and password into the fake site. Most users tend to use the same credentials with all their apps, so once the fraudsters have access to one service, they’ll have access to others. DNS plays a key role here because although the URLs may look the same, the DNS address is different.

New customizable DNS monitoring service

Infoblox has offered a DNS monitoring service since 2020 but announced it was customizable last week where businesses can configure their own set of domains for “lookalike” threat protection. Additionally, the company now provides new defenses against lookalike threats. The technology specifically identifies suspicious and malicious lookalikes, including those that target multifactor authentication. These state-of-the-art attacks break the protective shield companies have come to rely on to protect their internal networks. No other vendor provides customers the ability to configure their own set of domains for customized lookalike threat protection, while also identifying and protecting them from lookalike domains to popular products and services. Also, Infoblox has developed new algorithms to identify suspicious and phishing lookalikes to customer-chosen monitored domains. This affords protection against spear phishing and brand abuse with alerts for suspicious activity that is tailored to their needs.

Decoy Dog

As part of the launch of the new service last week, Infoblox announced its Threat Intelligence Group discovered a toolkit called Decoy Dog, which is being used by threat actors to create anomalous DNS signatures which have been observed in the US, Europe, South America and Asia across a range of verticals. Many of these are directed back to a controller in Russia. In the blog post Infoblox issued on it, they provided all the technical details of the toolkit, what it does, how to recognize it, and how to mitigate it.

Infoblox is a company that has been addressing the needs of security and networking but is now bringing these domains together. The company has become a trusted partner in delivering security and network automation solutions that work together to protect organizations. Infoblox is an excellent choice for businesses that want to take a more holistic approach to network security. By enabling security and networking professionals to collaborate, Infoblox ensures that organizations have a comprehensive and effective security posture. Infoblox’s approach to network security offers organizations the ability to automate network security tasks, detect and respond to threats faster, and provide better visibility into their networks.

Infoblox’s solutions are designed to protect the network from the inside out, offering comprehensive protection against threats while also improving network performance. With Infoblox’s network security solutions, organizations can have peace of mind knowing that their networks are secure and their data is protected. Infoblox’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes them a top choice for businesses looking to improve their network security.


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