Impact of a single alphabet difference in the domain name

How much difference can a single letter in a domain name have? If you consider the recent case of the City of Liberty Hill, the answer is tremendous. 

The City of Liberty Hill has been the victim of two cyber scams. Both of these cyber scams included the exchange of money online. The victim received emails from the fraudulent email Ids, disguised as the original one. The fake email Id asked for a change in account details. 

The updated account belonged to the fraudsters and all the transferred money went to them. Tackling these fake email Ids is also an extremely tough job, because of the advanced stealth technique used by scammers. In this particular case for example the original email Ids contained E-mail Ids belonging to domain name, The fraudsters had the domain name with them. A lower l and capital I are almost identical and it is extremely difficult to differentiate between the two. 

That’s the difference of just one alphabet. Yes, just one alphabet. And just in case you are pondering over our initial question, let me help you with an answer. The difference in a single alphabet, in this case, turned out to be a loss of over $169, 000.


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