ICANN to hold Webinars for the proposed WHOIS Disclosure System

ICANN has for a long time been receiving persistent requests about one thing. A change in its WHOIS Disclosure System.

There is a system by which we can find information related to the registrant of a domain name. The WHOIS feature. 

Why is this information required? Sometimes, a domain name might be infringing upon someone’s trademarks or being used for any other illegal activity. For these purposes, the registrant information could be vital information for the distressed parties.

However, most registrants, including and especially the malicious ones, are using Privacy Protect features. This feature hides the public display of a domain registrant’s information. In such a situation, owners of the infringed trademarks appear in Dispute Resolution Mechanisms or legal authorities like courts.The domain registrars too have to indulge in such proceedings and after much paperwork are the non-public information about the registrants revealed to the aggrieved trademark holders.

To mitigate this situation ICANN has proposed a new system that makes the procedure easy for entities to access non-public registrant information about a domain name. To make this system robust and efficient, ICANN is organizing webinars so that an extensive discussion on the issue is carried out and all the possible rough edges are smoothened.

The webinars would be organized on 4th and 11th of October. You can read the announcement here.


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