Hy-vee launches two new domain names


Hy-vee, the self-owned group of supermarkets, is looking to create spurs in the industry. The company has announced two new domain names with an eye on bulk ordering. 

The company has launched domain names Hy-VeeDeals.com and ShopPetship.com. These new domains are in addition to the existing parent domain name of Hy-vee.com. These new domain names aim at establishing Hy-Vee’s presence on two different avenues. 

Hy-VeeDeals.com allows you to order a bunch of things that include Household Items, Snacks, Salads, etc. The best thing is the availability of the option of ordering in bulk. There are different offers available if you want to order in bulk. ShopPetship.com offers different products for the needs of your little friend. With the adoption of a Subscription, you can get the product directly from the ship without involvement of any other middlemen.

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