How Will Brexit Impact .eu and .fr Domains

Ever since the UK decided on Brexit, things have been gloomy for the UK based companies operating in the region of the European Union. A similar confusion has also been caused in the domain market as well with their future hanging. 

The problem arises with the criteria of holding a .eu domain name. In simple words, in order to have a .eu your company must be based within the territory of the  EU. Now, UK based companies after Brexit have come out of the European Union territory, and do not satisfy this criteria. Their domain names are likely to be cancelled soon. .eu registry has given the affected companies the last date if 31st December 2020, after which if they fail to satisfy the necessary conditions they will lose their eligibility to hold their domain. 

Different individual country’s ccTLDs have their own independent stand though. Most of the ccTLDs have stated that Brexit will have no effect on their domains. This list includes ccTLDs like .dk, .fi, .sk, etc. The ccTLD of France, i.e., .fr however has stopped any new registrations after 1st January 2021. Domains registered before this date can however work unaffected. 

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