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As of 16/05/2021

Earlier this year in January we heard about the acquisition of by Trivago. Trivago acquired the company Weekengo GmbH as well as the domain name The domain name is a premium name and created quite a buzz on it’s exchange of hands. 

As reported by JamesNames, the price of the transaction has been revealed. The domain name was sold at a whooping $ 822,000! Although it must be mentioned that the price includes not only the domain name but also the trademark

Weekengo GmbH and Trivago were both German companies working in the travel industry. Weekengo GmbH operated through the domain name and the brand As the name suggests most of the deals were focused around bookings during Weekends. 

Trivago saw a major chance of expanding through this domain name that was perfectly fit for its use and already had a huge customer base. The price was revealed through an SEC filing by Travelzoo, a company that had its stakes in Weekengo GmbH. This was Trivago’s second major acquisition after it acquired TripBuddy in 2018.


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