How do domain names play out in’s acquisition of Deppon had acquired Deppon in an acquisition finalised in March this year. through its subsidiary JD Logistics had acquired Deppon Logistics Co., Ltd for a whooping $1.42 billion. 

But when it comes to, an excitement towards the domain name acquisition that along with that of the Company’s, cannot be ignored. So here’s a look at the domain name situation. 

Deppon still has the possession of However there is going to be some major disappointment for‘s other domain names. Apparently, Deppon also owned the domain name The domain name however, points to Deutsche Bank. claims that the domain name was with Deppon. However, the company lost the domain name. A WhoIs lookup at the domain name says that the domain name was updated on 2021-10-15. This does hint that the domain name changed hands recently.‘s success to a large extent is credited to its two lettered domain name. Losing another two letter domain name wouldn’t be easy to grasp for the company. owns JD domain names over a range of varied extensions. These include,,,,,, etc.


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