How did the apps perform in 2021

2021 has come to an end. A new year awaits, full of exciting news and possibilities. However, it is also the time to look at how different things performed in the year. Today, we are discussing the app sector.

A report by App Annie, has stated a huge jump in people spending on apps worldwide. The 2021 figure stood at $135 billion. This is a whopping 20% increase as compared to the figures of 2020, which stood at $112 billion. These figures include both iOS and Android apps.

Apple’s App store led the app sales with earning double to that of the closest competitor, i.e., Google Play. In fact 65% of all sales were made by iOS users.

In 2020, users downloaded 140 billion apps. This is a 10% jump as compared to 2020 figures, and a jump of 20% as compared to 2019 sales.


  1. Mark Beck Avatar

    I don’t think it comes as a shock to anyone, with the world being digitalized, humans have become excessively anti-social. We have connected ourselves so deeply with apps that everything we do is somehow calculated and analyzed by atleast one app in our smart phones. Just saying, but our smartphones are making us non-smart, if said in a subtle way!

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