Hocomoco is now WeHouse

The Indian Startup sector is on the rise. As the pandemic receded the companies started to stand up again strongly with a string of Startups claiming Unicorn status. 

Hocomoco is a Hyderabad based tech construction company. The company provides a one stop solution for all your house construction needs. 

The Company has now secured a funding of $1 million in the Pre-series round. Anthill Ventures along with other VC firms took part in this funding. The Company has also made the decision to rebrand itself as WeHouse. 

When checking the domain names, we found Hocomoco.in  as well as WeHouse.in, both of them were working. They haven’t started redirecting Hocomoco.in to WeHouse.in yet. Maybe they want to make the change gradual so that their legacy customers do not feel any discomfort while accessing those platforms. 

If you compare the name Hocomoco and WeHouse you could see the different effects these names have. Although Hocomoco is a unique name, uniqueness is not always good.

A person pays the entirety of his life savings on a house. Quirkiness or Coolness can’t be considered positivity here. People want trustworthiness and dependability. In this endeavour WeHouse was miles ahead against Hocomoco.


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