Historical legal rivals extend their fight to domain names

Disputes are bound to arise in a diverse society. Even a friendship between two individuals is not free from differences. It is likely that the same would exist, when society of a number of such individuals is taken into consideration. However, sometimes disputes have different motivations, most usually in cases of family feuds. The disputes in such cases keep extending.

The domain name Nalli.cloud was under contention between two parties, both of whom are family members and share the surname Nalli.  The Complainant and the Respondent own  rights over the  mark in different ways. The Complainant has international rights over the NALLI mark with Indian trademark registered on May 27, 1987. The Respondent also owns the trademark registrations for figurative mark NALLI’S, filed on September 10, 1993. 

The court noted that this dispute was a part of a long stretched feud that spread across multiple jurisdictions. The panel noted that it takes no position in this wider dispute nor should the opinions expressed by it be used to influence any other legal proceedings taking place elsewhere.

The relief sought was denied.

You can read the complete case here.


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