Highlights of .me in the first half of 2022

.me published its figures for the first half of 2022. The figures published give an overall view of the state of health of this short TLD. The report doesn’t discuss the entirety of .me domains but focuses primarily on the Premium Domain Name sales figures.

A total of 41 Premium .me domain names were registered in the first half of 2022. These domains bagged an aggregate of $319064 (€313000). That is an average of $7742 (€7634) per domain. Considering the present realities of the economic situation globally as well as the conventional domain name space post the advent of the crypto space, these figures are substantial. More so considering, these domains do not have affiliation of TLDs like .com and .org.

Among the top tier buyers of these short domains include Meta Platforms, Inc, Beijing Xiaoju Technology Co., Ltd and Beyond Meat, Inc. Meta registered the domain name HZ.ME. Beijing Xiaoju Technology Co., Ltd is a transportation company that indulges in a wide range of activities that include hiring, leasing, selling and charging of vehicles. The company trades through its popular subsidiary DiDi. The company acquired the domain name DD.ME. Beyond Meat is a company that seeks to provide an alternative to meat products and has acquired the domain Beyond.me.

Some of the other Premium Domain Names that have been acquired include Kareem.me, 58.me and ZO.me. Short lettered domain name that includes 1 or 2 lettered domain remained the primary drivers of the sales.

The figures reported in the first half of 2022 are shy of the same reported in the previous year. 2022, has been tumultuous for the whole world due to the crisis in Ukraine with most of the investors being skeptical about new investments. The boost that the digital ecosystem gathered during the Covid induced lockdowns in 2021 also slowed down in 2022. These factors aided with the aggressive marketing carried by the Blockchain domains resulted in the slowdown in 2022.

.me would be looking to tackle these issues and demonstrate a better and hopeful second half.

You can read the report in full detail here.


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