Hero MotoCorp Trademarks ‘Hurikan’ and ‘Hurikan 440’ – What’s in Store?

In a recent development that’s sure to pique the interest of motorcycle enthusiasts, Hero MotoCorp, one of the giants in the two-wheeler industry, has trademarked the names ‘Hurikan’ and ‘Hurikan 440’ in India. This move suggests that the company might be gearing up to introduce new motorcycles, and there’s a good reason to get excited about it.

A Glimpse into the 440 Platform

The key buzz here is the association with the Harley-Davidson 440 platform. Hero MotoCorp’s collaboration with Harley-Davidson has already generated considerable excitement in the world of biking. Now, the trademarking of these names implies a forthcoming expansion of this partnership.

Premium Segment Entry

Hero MotoCorp, renowned for its commuter-friendly motorcycles, seems to be eyeing the premium motorcycle segment with these new trademarked names. This move aligns with the company’s strategy to diversify its offerings and cater to a wider audience, including those who seek a more upscale biking experience.

The ‘Hurikan’ Hint

One intriguing aspect of this development is the name itself. ‘Hurikan’ translates to ‘cyclone’ or ‘hurricane,’ suggesting a potentially sportier offering. This raises expectations of a performance-oriented model based on the 440 platform, designed to thrill biking enthusiasts.

Sharing the Basics

To ensure affordability while delivering value, these new motorcycles are likely to share certain components with the Harley-Davidson X440. Shared components help in cost-saving and allow Hero MotoCorp to offer competitive pricing, appealing to a broader customer base.

Under the Hood

As for the heart of these bikes, expect them to pack the same 440 cc oil-cooled 2-valve SOHC single-cylinder engine that powers the X 440. However, there might be some tuning differences tailored to the specific character of each model. This engine is currently rated at 27 bhp and 38 Nm of torque, promising a satisfying ride.

X440 Anticipation

Before we get a taste of the ‘Hurikan’ series, Hero MotoCorp is all set to start deliveries of the X440 in India from October 15. This particular model has garnered significant attention, with over 25,000 bookings recorded as of early August. Though bookings were temporarily paused, they are set to reopen on October 16, indicating sustained demand.

In conclusion, Hero MotoCorp’s trademarking of ‘Hurikan’ and ‘Hurikan 440’ names signifies an exciting chapter in the world of motorcycles. With a potential entry into the premium segment and the tantalizing hint of a sportier offering, these new models could redefine the biking experience. As we await further details and an official unveiling, the anticipation is building, and biking enthusiasts have every reason to stay tuned. Hero MotoCorp’s journey into the realm of premium motorcycles promises a thrilling ride ahead.

Source: https://www.carandbike.com/news/hero-motocorp-trademarks-hurikan-hurikan-440-names-3209620


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