Henry Turcan buys 1,750,000 shares of Minds Machines Group

Henry Turcan an insider of the Minds Machines Group has purchased 1.750,000 shares of it.

The sale was made at a price of GBX 6 ($0.08) per share, with a total value of £105,000 ($137,201.10).

Minds Machines Group is an operator and owner of gTLDs. It is known for providing “Espresso” registry services technology platform. Major ICANN registrars use this platform. It is a subsidiary of Minds + Machines Group Limited.

Along with this purchase, Mr. Turcan has done many other purchases in the firm as well. On August 15th he bought 100,000 shares with a value of £6,000 ($7,840.06). On October 23rd he bought 135,000 shares with a value of £8,100 ($10,584.08). On October 25th he bought 250,000 shares with a value of £15,000 ($19,600.16).

It appears that there is some kind of unseen pattern in Turcan’s purchases that will be revealed in the future.


  1. Patricia Kaehler Avatar
    Patricia Kaehler

    he “brought” them ?? did you mean “bought” ?? (smile)

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