Henry Turcan buys 1,750,000 shares of Minds Machines Group


Henry Turcan an insider of the Minds Machines Group has purchased 1.750,000 shares of it.

The sale was made at a price of GBX 6 ($0.08) per share, with a total value of £105,000 ($137,201.10).

Minds Machines Group is an operator and owner of gTLDs. It is known for providing “Espresso” registry services technology platform. Major ICANN registrars use this platform. It is a subsidiary of Minds + Machines Group Limited.

Along with this purchase, Mr. Turcan has done many other purchases in the firm as well. On August 15th he bought 100,000 shares with a value of £6,000 ($7,840.06). On October 23rd he bought 135,000 shares with a value of £8,100 ($10,584.08). On October 25th he bought 250,000 shares with a value of £15,000 ($19,600.16).

It appears that there is some kind of unseen pattern in Turcan’s purchases that will be revealed in the future.

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