Harry Potter and the mystery of a domain registration

This year began with the ‘Return of Hogwarts’. Harry Potter fans across the world finally rejoiced on the much awaited reunion of the cast. The program was organised to mark the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone. However, this just isn’t it. Harry Potter has much left in store this year.

Rumours are that a new Harry Potter game is going to be launched this year. There are obviously no official confirmations yet, but this news has got fans excited. A domain registration however has given valid support to the claims. The domain name HarryPotterMagicAtPlay.com was registered by Warner Bros through MarkMonitor. A twitter handle @HPMagicAtPlay was also registered this month.

This gives an acceptable proof of the game launch claims and also reveals a probable name too. Registering Harry Potter domain names is not uncommon for Warner Bros. It has a huge list of Harry Potter domain names such as HarryPotterInHollywood.com, HarryPottersMovie.com and HarryPotterFilm.org. It even has some NSFW Harry Potter domain names such as HarryPotterSex.com. But these domain names have been registered to stop people from misusing these, rather than the actual use.

The domain name HarryPotterAtPlay.com however, does seem like the one meant for actual use. Let’s see if it is actually so. What do you think about it? Answer us in the comments.


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