Google gives TapTap a premium domain without any charges

Business is a fierce venture. People, in the strive for victory in a competition, venture into unfair territories. Seldom do we find instances of kind and dignified gestures. However Google has entered into one of those surprising rare actions. 

TapTap is a game sharing platform from where you can download various kinds of interesting games. The Shanghai based company has been gaining a lot of popularity. However, the company encountered a peculiar problem. Being a Chinese firm the company was eager for a  .cn domain name. However, the domain name was registered with Google

In fact the domain name wasn’t even a recent acquisition. The domain name was registered way back in 2010. The company TapTap itself came into existence in 2016. Hence, the company could only ask Google for a price, that also if Google wanted to sell. 

However, according to the report by, Google in an unbelievably kind move, transferred the domain name for free. This left everyone in awe of the company. This is even more important as TapTap’s platform can be clearly seen as a direct competitor of Google Play.

Interestingly, the company has in its gambit a number of domain names with the keyword TapTap in it. The list includes, and The company functions on the domain name with other domains redirecting to it


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