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It’s not always that you understand the lyrics of a song. Especially, if you have an interest in Rap music! In such cases, a simple Google search is what we all resort to. In that process you must have encountered the domain name is an online platform that contains and publishes lyrics of a wide range of music. However, it engaged in a legal tussle with The problem was that Google also started showing lyrics on its own, in its search results. claimed that these lyrics, published by, were from But didn’t give any attributions for using their work which according to was its copyrighted product. argued that the lyrics published on its platform weren’t collected from a single or a group of websites. Rather, it got these from lyrics content providers. It also said there were multiple improvements in the lyrics as improved and more accurate kept coming on.

The judgment came in favor of The court said although the lyrics used by might have been taken on It still cannot claim that its copyrighted products were stolen as isn’t the actual copyright holder of these lyrics.


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