GoDaddy launches Payable Domains

GoDaddy has launched a new service called Payable Domains that aims to reimagine the role of domains in business. This is perhaps one of the biggest innovations since the last  30 years of domain names, enhancing their usability and productivity

GoDaddy has launched Payable Domains, which enables entrepreneurs to register a new domain name and start accepting payments from customers quickly and easily. This service is the first of its kind to combine payment technology with the brand power of a professional domain name, providing small business owners with a streamlined way to start monetizing their ideas from day one.

Payable Domains

The new Payable Domains service from GoDaddy, domain owners can start accepting payments through their domain name without the need to create a website or publish content. This means that domain owners can start monetizing their domains immediately by using the corresponding Payable Domain to accept payments.

For example, if someone registers the domain of their name or business, such as, they will also receive the corresponding Payable Domain,, which they can use to accept payments. Once they receive the first payment, they can link their bank account to their GoDaddy Payments account, complete the verification process, and start receiving payouts for transactions. The payment process is secure and efficient, with funds deposited into the user’s bank account as early as the next business day.

This new feature could be beneficial for businesses or individuals who want to monetize their domain names quickly and easily without investing in website development or content creation. It can also provide an additional revenue stream for those who have registered domain names but are not currently using them for any other purpose.


Despite being essential to digital identities for more than 30 years, there has been relatively little innovation in the domain name space until now. Powered by GoDaddy Payments, Payable Domains are branded pay links that create a secure checkout page, which can be shared via a link. This service allows U.S.-based domain name customers to start accepting payments shortly after purchasing a newly registered domain, even if they do not yet have a website or online store. Existing domain owners can also access their respective Payable Domain through their GoDaddy back-end dashboard.

By combining the ability to accept payments with the credibility of a domain name, Payable Domains enables small businesses to get up and running instantly. Business owners can easily share their Payable Domain with customers through various channels such as text, social media, and QR code, among others. With GoDaddy Payments’ industry-low transaction fees of 2.3% + $0.30 per online transaction, small business owners will be able to keep more of what they make.

Payable Domains provides a simple and efficient way for small business owners to start accepting payments through their domain name without the need for a website or online store. With the credibility of a professional domain name and the convenience of a secure checkout page, Payable Domains can help entrepreneurs monetize their ideas from day one.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Payable Domains were designed to pay links which create a secure checkout page that can be shared using
    a link. This enables US-based domain name clients to accept payments shortly after they purchase the newly registered domain, regardless if they have a website and an online store or not. The Payable Domain can be accessed by businesses while using the GoDaddy back-end dashboard, including any other domain purchase or any existing domain owners.

  2. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    In addition to providing a new revenue stream for domain owners and a streamlined payment process for small businesses, GoDaddy’s Payable Domains service also has the potential to disrupt the traditional website development and hosting industry. With the ability to accept payments through a domain name without the need for a website or content, businesses may opt to forgo the investment and ongoing expenses of a traditional website in favor of a simple, branded pay link. This could be particularly appealing to startups and entrepreneurs looking to test a new business idea without committing significant resources upfront.

  3. Richard Wilson Avatar
    Richard Wilson

    Exciting news is on the horizon for businesses and domain owners as GoDaddy introduces its groundbreaking service, Payable Domains. This innovation marks a significant milestone in the evolution of domain names, bringing forth enhanced usability and productivity like never before. With Payable Domains, GoDaddy is reshaping the role of domains in the business landscape, making it an attractive and cool proposition for entrepreneurs and website owners alike.

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