Gillette Venus’ Surprising Move: The Domain Battle with Estrid

In an unexpected twist, a domain name dispute has emerged between Swedish razor brand Estrid and industry powerhouse Gillette Venus. The story began when Estrid discovered that its website domain,, had been acquired by Gillette Venus, effectively redirecting visitors to the market leader’s website. This move has prompted many consumers to question why Gillette Venus, with its dominant position, would target a smaller, emerging brand like Estrid.

Estrid’s Witty Response

Undeterred by the surprising turn of events, Estrid opted for a witty and light-hearted response to the situation. The brand took to its Instagram profile with a clever message that read, “Dear Gillette, Thank you for noticing us. Love, Estrid,” accompanied by a series of humorous memes. In their caption, Estrid expressed both surprise and flattery at Gillette Venus’s actions, considering their significantly smaller market share compared to the industry giant’s commanding 73%.

Consumer Backlash

Estrid’s Instagram post quickly gained traction, amassing over 20,000 likes and more than 600 comments from consumers expressing their dissatisfaction with Gillette Venus. Some took a humorous approach, with one user declaring, “Never buying Gillette again now 😂 they are shooting themselves in the foot.” Another user commented, “This is such a petty thing for Gillette to do, what the hell lmao.”

Support for Estrid

Supporters of Estrid also made their voices heard on Gillette Venus’s Instagram profile, emphasizing the irony of the situation. One user pointed out, “Imagine buying a domain from another company when you own the lion’s share of the market?? That’s embarrassing even for you.” Another user sarcastically applauded the domain acquisition, saying, “Congrats on buying a smaller company’s domain, show great spirit 👏.”

Market Disparity

It’s important to note that Gillette Venus, a colossal player in the industry, reported a staggering turnover of over SEK 100 billion last year, whereas Estrid’s turnover amounted to just under half a billion, approximately SEK 427 million.

The PR Boost Question

The domain dispute raises an interesting question – has Gillette Venus unintentionally provided Estrid with one of the most effective PR boosts ever? The situation has undeniably generated significant attention and engagement, with consumers rallying behind the underdog in this context.

Handling Challenges with Humor

Estrid’s response underscores the power of a clever and humorous approach to unexpected challenges. In a world where corporate disputes often escalate into serious legal battles, Estrid’s playful response has resonated with consumers and serves as a positive example of how to handle such situations.


In the end, this unusual domain battle between a Swedish startup and a global giant demonstrates that sometimes a light-hearted response can go a long way in capturing the hearts of customers and earning their support. Only time will tell if Gillette Venus decides to return the domain to Estrid, but for now, the underdog has undoubtedly won over the crowd.



  1. Zoe Martin Avatar

    In an unconventional clash between a Swedish startup and a corporate giant, the power of a lighthearted response shines through, resonating with customers and garnering their support. Whether Gillette Venus decides to relinquish the domain to Estrid remains uncertain, but for now, the underdog has unquestionably captured the crowd’s favor.

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