Ghana’s .gh Domain: 27 Years of Lost Opportunities and Hope

In a recent revelation at the 2023 Domain Name System (DNS) Forum, Reverend Dr. Nanayaa Tina Owusu Prempeh, the Board Chair of the Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR), expressed deep frustration over the long-standing issue of the .gh domain registry. The matter at hand revolves around the protracted control of this crucial digital asset by a private individual for the past 27 years. This situation has not only stifled the growth of Ghana’s online presence but has also hindered the nation from harnessing the potential profit and security benefits of a thriving local internet.

A Deeper Dive into the Situation

The .gh domain is, in essence, a digital address for websites within Ghana’s internet space. Like any other country code top-level domain (ccTLD), it is a valuable national asset, and its management is vital for a secure, thriving online ecosystem. However, the long-standing control of this domain by a single individual has created a significant roadblock.

Rev. Dr. Owusu Prempeh, as the head of GDNR, is tasked with ensuring that this digital asset is managed and administered properly for the benefit of the nation. Unfortunately, the individual in question has not been willing to relinquish their control, leading to a situation that has stagnated progress in this vital area.

Implications for Ghana

The implications of this deadlock are significant. With only one registrar for domain names serving a population of 30 million, Ghana lags far behind its potential. To put this into perspective, Rwanda, with a population of 13.6 million, boasts 70 registrars, highlighting the stark disparity.

This imbalance has affected not only the nation’s ability to benefit economically from its internet space but also the security and accessibility of the web for its citizens. More registrars mean more opportunities for Ghanaians to establish an online presence, conduct e-commerce, and engage with the digital world.

The Path Forward

Rev. Dr. Owusu Prempeh’s frank disclosure of this longstanding issue brings it out into the open. Her call for action is clear: it’s time for the stakeholders in the domain name industry to unite and resolve this challenge. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the .gh domain is properly managed, administered, and accessible to all Ghanaians.

Unlocking the potential of this national asset is not just a matter of economics but also one of digital security and inclusivity. It’s about empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital age.

As discussions around this issue continue, it’s essential to keep the conversation accessible and straightforward. In an increasingly digital world, the .gh domain matters to everyone, and resolving this situation is a step toward a more connected and prosperous Ghana.



  1. John Will Avatar

    The control of Ghana’s .gh domain by a private individual for 27 years is a significant roadblock to the nation’s online growth. It’s time for stakeholders to unite and ensure proper management and accessibility for all Ghanaians. This is about more than economics; it’s about digital security and inclusivity in the digital age.

  2. The extended 27-year period during which a private individual has maintained control over Ghana’s .gh domain represents a noteworthy impediment to the country’s digital advancement. To foster the nation’s online growth, it is imperative for all relevant stakeholders to come together and work towards the establishment of efficient management and accessibility measures that cater to the needs of all Ghanaians. This issue transcends mere economic considerations; it encompasses critical aspects of digital security and inclusivity in the modern digital era.

  3. The prolonged private control of Ghana’s .gh domain, spanning 27 years, hampers the nation’s online progress. It’s time for stakeholders to collaborate and establish transparent management that ensures access for all. This isn’t just about economics; it’s vital for digital security and inclusivity in the digital age.

  4. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    In reflecting on the 27-year history of Ghana’s .GH domain, it’s clear that the road has been marked by both unrealized opportunities and enduring optimism. The domain, although faced with challenges like limited adoption and awareness, represents a powerful tool for the nation’s digital progress. As we commemorate this milestone, let it serve as a reminder that with proactive strategies and concerted efforts, the .GH domain can be a vital asset in propelling Ghana’s digital future.

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