German Investment in Tucows Inc.

Investmentaktiengesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV, a German investment firm, recently purchased 1,058 shares of Tucows’ stock at an average price of C$19.94 per share, amounting to a total value of C$21,098.85. This move by TGV highlights their confidence in Tucows’ future growth prospects. 

Tucows is a Canadian internet services provider that operates through three segments: Fiber Internet Services, Mobile Services, and Domain Services. Despite the negative net margin and return on equity for the last quarter ending February 9th, industry analysts predict the company will post a solid 1.77 EPS for this year.

Tucows’ Business Segments

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Tucows operates in three segments – Fiber Internet Services, Mobile Services, and Domain Services. The Fiber Internet Services division offers high-speed internet access services to consumers and small businesses via the Ting website as well as other billing platforms for small ISPs.

The Mobile Services area offers domain name registrations to customers alongside optional premium email services tailored towards individuals and businesses requiring mobile internet access. Moreover, the Domain Services segment delivers wholesale domain name registration solutions directly to resellers globally; it works with larger organizations that require hundreds or thousands of domain names each year.

Tucows’ Performance

Tucows has had mixed performance throughout the past year, with a 52-week low of C$21.62 and a 52-week high of C$83.07. However, despite this, Investmentaktiengesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV remains bullish about investing in shares of Tucows Inc. TGV’s recent purchases suggest that they believe investing in Tucows presents a profitable opportunity for the future.

Bloomberg’s Recommendations

Bloomberg has showcased Wall Street’s best performing research analysts and their recommended stocks which they advise their clients to purchase before the wider market catches up. Among those five stocks, Tucows was nowhere to be found on the list. This suggests that top-rated analysts seem hesitant to recommend buying shares in Tucows now, perhaps indicating that there may be other more attractive investment opportunities available at present.

Investing in Tucows

Potential investors should do their own due diligence before investing in Tucows. They should conduct a thorough assessment of the tech firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and long-term business outlook before committing any capital towards acquiring its shares. TGV’s recent purchases suggest that they believe investing in Tucows presents a profitable opportunity for the future, but investors should keep an open mind and explore other investment opportunities as well.


As investors seek out new opportunities in today’s increasingly connected world amid rising demand for online services brought on by remote working arrangements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, firms such as Tucows have rapidly expanded their offerings in order to cater to emerging market trends. 

Although Tucows is not currently featured on Bloomberg’s list of top-rated analysts recommended stocks to buy now, data indicates that Investmentaktiengesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV is continuing to wager on Tucows Inc.’s ability to remain competitive in the ever-growing internet service-provider industry. Investors closely monitor these developments, as they may potentially serve as a strong indicator of future growth potential.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    The article discusses Tucows Inc., a Canadian internet services provider, and highlights a recent investment by German firm, Investmentaktiengesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV. While Tucows’ performance has been mixed, TGV’s investment suggests confidence in the company’s future growth potential. However, the article notes that Tucows was not included in Bloomberg’s list of recommended stocks, indicating potential alternative investment opportunities. Potential investors should conduct their own research before investing in Tucows or any other company.

  2. Andrew Milo Avatar
    Andrew Milo

    Germany has long been recognized as a global leader in technology and innovation, with a robust economy and a thriving startup ecosystem. The fact that German investors have chosen to invest in Tucows Inc. speaks volumes about the company’s reputation, track record, and potential for success in the international market.

    This investment brings with it a multitude of benefits for Tucows Inc. and its stakeholders. Firstly, it provides a substantial infusion of capital that can be utilized to fuel the company’s expansion plans, invest in research and development, and drive innovation. With access to additional financial resources, Tucows Inc. can accelerate its growth trajectory, explore new market opportunities, and enhance its product and service offerings.

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