General Motors has filed to trademark this name

General Motors has filed an application at the United States Trademark and Patent Office. The name has a lot of nostalgia and tremendous future scope associated with it. The term is ‘Buick Electra’.

Anyone, who isn’t living under the rocks, would understand the value of the term ‘Electra’, at the hands of a Car manufacturing company, at present times. With the Electric Vehicles sector exploding and Tesla’s roof-shattering rise, General Motors would like to weigh its weight too. 

Just in case you are unaware, Buick is a subsidiary of General Motors. It even released cars with the Electra name for a long time. The cars stopped in 1990. After almost three decades, the name is about to resurrect.

A check at the domain name was very surprising. The website wasn’t up on the domain name. A WhoIs lookup showed that the domain name is registered with Universal City Studios.

Read about the case in detail, here.


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