Gawker and its Domain Name Find a New Home with Caldecott Music Group

In the world of online domains, Gawker, the once-infamous gossip blog, has changed hands once again. This time, the reins have been taken up by Meng Ru Kuok, the founder and CEO of Singapore-based Caldecott Music Group. The acquisition includes the name and domain of Gawker but not its digital archive, marking a new chapter in the blog’s tumultuous history.

The Changing Landscape of Gawker

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Gawker, founded in 2002 by British journalist Nick Denton, became a prominent figure in online media with its snarky take on celebrity gossip and pop culture. However, it faced a dramatic turn of events in 2016 when its parent company lost a lawsuit against wrestler Hulk Hogan, leading to a court-ordered shutdown.

In 2018, Gawker saw a glimmer of revival when its assets were acquired by Bryan Goldberg, then-CEO of Bustle Digital Group, in a bankruptcy auction for $1.35 million. The site was relaunched under the BDG umbrella in July 2021, but economic challenges in the digital publishing industry prompted changes within the company.

Enter Caldecott Music Group

Now, Gawker has entered a new phase with its acquisition by Caldecott Music Group. Meng Ru Kuok, the driving force behind the purchase, confirmed the deal, emphasizing that it includes the name and domain but not the digital archive. This move is unrelated to Kuok’s existing businesses, adding a layer of intrigue to the future of Gawker.

Kuok expressed his belief in the blog’s potential for reinvention. In an email to various media outlets, he stated, “Whatever plans materialize, what’s for sure is that it won’t be the same as it was before.” This signals a fresh start for Gawker under the leadership of Caldecott Music Group.

Bustle Digital Group’s Shift and Sale

The backdrop of this acquisition includes changes within Bustle Digital Group. Facing economic headwinds, BDG underwent layoffs and a rebranding to BDG Media in 2021. An internal memo hinted at a search for a buyer or potential liquidity partner, indicating a recalibration amid industry challenges.

It’s worth noting that the sale to Caldecott Music Group doesn’t encompass Gawker’s digital archive. Recent observations of archive wipeouts were initially thought to be Bustle’s house-cleaning move, but it’s clarified that the archives were part of the package when Bustle acquired Gawker for around $1 million.

Looking Ahead: A New Dawn for Gawker

As the domain name and brand of Gawker find a new home with Caldecott Music Group, the industry watches with anticipation. Meng Ru Kuok’s vision for reinvention sparks curiosity about the future direction of this once-influential gossip blog. The acquisition, unrelated to Kuok’s established ventures, adds an element of mystery to Gawker’s next chapter.

In the dynamic world of online domains, where acquisitions and reinventions are common, Gawker’s story continues to unfold. As readers, we can only speculate on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for this iconic domain under the stewardship of Caldecott Music Group.



  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Who would’ve thought? Gawker’s domain name, known for its digital news legacy, has taken an unexpected turn and landed in the hands of Caldecott Music Group! It’s like watching a rock star unexpectedly pick up a new instrument. I’m genuinely intrigued to see how these contrasting worlds blend – will we see news-inspired melodies or a new rhythm in online content? The possibilities are as unexpected as this unique pairing.

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