Gamasutra rebrands to Game Developer

As of 24/08/2021

Gamasutra, a website that has been online since 1997 has decided to switch names. The popular gaming website has decided that it is going to rebrand itself as Game Developer

The website that has been till now, running on, will switch to In fact, earlier Game Developer used to be a magazine too, that wrote everything related to Game Development. However, it was available only on hard copy. This magazine, that was started in 1994, closed down in 2013.

Gamasutra is the sister company of that same magazine. But unlike its sister counterpart it is available in digital form. The perceived notion is that the name change happened due to the similarity of the name with Kamasutra. Considering that a huge number of teenagers play video games and are interested in stuff related to it, Game Developer was clearly a better option.


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