Free subdomains being misused by scammers

Do you know, buying domain names isn’t the only option available. In fact you can get a number of subdomains as well. Many of these subdomains are given for free of cost, for project work or personal ventures.

One of such services is provided by Subdomains to this domain name are free for all. However, a report by WhoisXML API, has found that several of the subdomains under are malicious. To access the various subdomains, WhoisXML API used a combination of WHOIS, IP, and DNS intelligence sources and its Domains & Subdomains Discovery tool.

It found that among all the existing subdomains of, 9 were malicious. Several domains under the same registrant organization were found, out of them 3 were malicious. Among the domains which share’s IP address, 2 were found malicious.

Read the full list of malicious domain names and other related information, here.


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