France gives its gambling regulator a free hand over domain names

L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (National Gaming Authority), abbreviated as ANJ, is the French Government Organization that regulates online gambling. The organization was meant to put a curb in the growing number of scams and fake platforms related to the sector. The Organisation has now been granted new powers by the Government that will provide it with sufficient teeth to combat scams.

ANJ can now directly order IP blocks on the unlicensed domain names. This gives the power to ANJ, to instruct all the Internet Service Providers in France to ban unlicensed domain names, indifferent to whether they have harmed the French people or not.

ANJ has been calling the new law, the law that is aimed at democratizing sport. The law gives the legal professional players an effective voice against the malicious and scamming platforms. With the new power ANJ can stand against the illegal players and provide an equal, fair and democratic space to all the abiding players.

Online Gambling has a stronghold in the European Continent. 49.2% of the global online gaming market is in the European Union. We recently posted about the lofty salary of Bet365’s chief executive, an online gambling company prevalent in Europe. It is thus in line that Government machinery meant to regulate such an important industry is well-oiled.


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