.forever: domain names you can own forever

As of 04/08/2021

Impervious has brought a new domain name extension for us all: .forever. However, this isn’t like any other extension. The company calls it the first ‘truly decentralised domain names‘. 

The domain names that you own has a problem. The problem is that, well, you don’t actually own those domains. The domain names are only being leased to you. That’s why you have to continuously renew them. If you don’t, your domain name will expire and someone else might claim it. 

Also, there is another problem. You do not have absolute control over your domain names. There are a lot of entities that can cancel your domain name whenever they wish. The entities include ICANN, your registry (depending upon your extension) and your registrar (which you used to book your domain name). Any of these can cancel your domain name. 

Things are however changed with .forever domain names. First, as the name suggests, you can own these domain names forever. You don’t have to renew the domain names. You actually own them. Second, no one can take your domain name from you. Once you buy the domain name, it is truly yours, forever. 

There are a lot of Blockchain domain extensions like .eth and .crypto. However, none of them are truly decentralised. As they are all controlled by institutions like ICANN. 

So what are you waiting for? Go register your  .forever domain names now!


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