First ever DNS Forum in Asia Pacific Region

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is about to launch its new edition of Domain Name System (DNS) Forum for the Asia Pacific Reason. The virtually conducted forum would be the first event of its type in the Asia Pacific Reason.

In order for ICANN’s DNS policies to be holistic, inclusive and acceptable to all, ICANN conducts such forums worldwide. These forums allow different stakeholders from different parts of the world to connect, to present their opinions and to discuss the issues of concern.

Before the Asia Pacific Forum, similar platforms have also been started in Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, etc. Asia Pacific is a growing locus of economic development in the world. The world is both intrigued and inspired by the economic pole vaulting of the region. The launch of Forum in the reason is a stark reminder of it.

The Asia-Pacific edition of the Forum is conducted by the joint cooperation of ICANN and Malaysia Network Information Centre (MYNIC Berhad). MYNIC is a government body that handles the ccTLD of Malaysia, .my

The Forum begins from 30 March and will conclude on 1 April.


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