Fevicol.com registered by someone?

Fevicol is as common in India as is bread. From a deprived Rickshaw puller to the CEO of a conglomerate, Fevicol is known by one and all. It was hence quite shocking to find that Fevicol.com was under registered by someone else and parties had to reach WIPO. 

Fevicol is a product of Pidilite Industries Limited. The company has been in operation since 1969. The company has been selling adhesive under the FEVICOL mark, the Indian trademarks of which were acquired in March 1960.

The disputed domain name was registered by the Respondent in September 2021 and wasn’t using the domain name. The Complainant had claimed to have received a message regarding the sale of the disputed domain name which allegedly came from one ‘fortunebusiness’. The Respondent denied such communications. 

The panel found that there was no possible reason as to why the Respondent registered the domain name, barring the benefit derived from infringing upon the trademark and established well-being of the Complainant. 

The panel found out that the reason given by the Respondent that he was unaware of the Complainant and its products, was implausible. The panel didn’t find appropriate justification of the registration of domain name by the Respondent and hence termed his registration of the same in bad faith. 

The domain name was transferred back to the Complainant. 

You can read the full case here


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