Facebook.com and its ‘Stars’

Did you know you can buy Stars at Facebook.com? No kidding, this is 100% legit. You can actually buy a Star at Facebook.com. But why would you buy a Star? 

Facebook is smoothing it’s platform to accomodate creators. Facebook Star is on the same lines. You can give stars to your favorite content creators during their live streams. Content creators thus getting Stars as well as money in return. 

However, why is this feature on Facebook.com? According to post by TechCrunch, the reason behind this is too bypass app store provider’s commission charges. When buying through in app purchases a part of Income is given to app store provider as commission. But when you buy Stars on Facebook.com, you don’t need to pay it. 

Facebook, as we know it, is in a state of complete transition. The recent rebranding to Meta was just the starting point. With different additions to the claimed Metaverse, Facebook partticuarly would look keenly towards the Content creators market.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Stars is a virtual good that lets fans show creators love and gives creators the ability to show love back. The Stars universe is expanding from live broadcasts to multiple content types, including Reels, on-demand video, and more. Create deeper connections with your fans with Stars. For every Star one receives, Facebook will pay them $0.01 USD.

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