EU’s approval for Turkish trademark enrages Greece

Türkiye, or Turkey is going through a lot of name changes. Just recently the country changed her name. We also reported about how Turkish Airlines is also going to be renamed. 

Now, a trademark filed by Türkiye is creating trouble. The country filed a trademark application for TURKAEGEAN  at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This trademark application was accepted which has sparked a row in Greece. 

What is in the name that caused problems for Greece? The reason involves history and geography. Earlier the term ‘ege’ here meant the Aegean Sea. Historically the Turks called the Aegean Sea as the sea of the Greeks. 

Now, the trademark TURKAEGEAN gives an indication that the Aegean Sea belongs to the Turks now. This can also be seen in the Turkish branding across the name. The term is being used with a subheading, ‘Coast of Happiness’. 

Greece and Turkey have been engaged in a long conflict over the Aegean Sea. Applying for such a name and then EU approving it, has been especially problematic for Greece, which is already troubled by economic complications. 


  1. Larry Colt Avatar

    it’s important to be aware of controversies like Türkiye’s trademark application for TURKAEGEAN at EUIPO which sparked a dispute with Greece due to historical & geographical implications. Approval of the trademark has heightened tensions between the two countries. It’s important to consider the potential implications of a name or trademark.

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