Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Token Skyrockets after Buterin Champions it

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has recently experienced a significant surge of 67% in value, thanks to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s noteworthy endorsement on X (formerly known as Twitter). Buterin’s explicit support for ENS highlighted its importance and underscored the need for accessibility and affordability, especially for users leveraging layer-2 solutions.

Buterin’s Call for Layer-2 Integration:

Buterin’s advocacy went beyond mere praise, extending to a call for layer-2 networks like Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon to facilitate ENS address registration. He emphasized the pivotal role these networks play in enhancing Ethereum’s long-term usability and scalability. To achieve this, Buterin suggested the implementation of trustless, Merkle-proof CCIP resolvers, enabling seamless registration, updates, and readability of ENS subdomains over layer-2 networks.

Immediate Impact on ENS Token Price:

The impact of Buterin’s endorsement was immediate, catapulting the ENS token from its yearly low of $8.50 to $13.98, marking its highest point since April. This is a development of over 63%. Although the price has stabilized at $14.57, Buterin’s support has injected renewed enthusiasm into the ENS ecosystem, demonstrating its resilience and potential for growth.

ENS’s Role in the Crypto Ecosystem:

The Ethereum Name Service provides .eth domain names, offering a user-friendly alternative to complex alphanumeric wallet addresses. These domain names simplify the process of sending and receiving money within the Ethereum network, catering to both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. Despite experiencing a decline in price from its all-time high of $74.25 on November 28, 2021, the recent endorsement by Buterin signifies a positive turning point for ENS.

Buterin’s Tax Proposal for ENS Domains:

In September 2022, Vitalik Buterin introduced a novel approach to promote broader adoption and decentralized ownership of ENS addresses – the “Harberger” tax proposal. Unlike traditional models, this proposal suggests a demand-based recurring pricing mechanism. Annual domain fees would increase based on the domain’s valuation, determined through open bids. This innovative approach aims to discourage hoarding and establish a fair and dynamic pricing system aligned with actual demand and value.

Growing ENS Ecosystem:

Currently, the ENS ecosystem boasts approximately 2.1 million registered domains, with 800,000 unique users actively participating, as reported by Dune Analytics. This thriving community showcases the increasing interest and adoption of ENS domain names within the crypto space. The impressive 674% surge in trading volume, reaching $328 million in the last 24 hours, reflects the growing recognition of ENS’s potential and utility within the broader Ethereum ecosystem.


Vitalik Buterin’s endorsement and innovative tax proposal have propelled the Ethereum Name Service into the spotlight, rejuvenating interest and confidence in its potential. As the ENS ecosystem continues to grow, fueled by layer-2 integration and community participation, the future looks promising for this essential component of the blockchain and crypto landscape.



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