English Premier League’s action against HesGoal.com

English Premier League, formally known as the Premier League, has taken action against the popular sports torrent domain name HesGoal.com. The action isn’t directed directly towards the domain name but towards its service provider, Cloudflare. In a subpoena, the league has demanded the details of the people involved behind HesGoal.com from Cloudflare.

EPL is one of the many leagues popular in Europe. The leagues constantly play matches, but the problem with the interested people are the hefty ticket prices. You can watch some games online but there is a huge paywall in front of you. In such cases, pirate sites provide a cheap, easy, however, also an extremely unethical solution to it.

People are drawn towards such pirated sites broadcasting popular games free of cost. HesGoal.com is one of the favourites among them. The popular torrent site garners more than 40 million visitors each month.

Cloudflare has shared registrant details in the past, so it won’t be a surprise if it does so again. But, since such practice is not unheard of, there must have also been a safety mechanism adopted by registrants to prevent themselves in such a scenario. Is it so or is it not? Let’s wait and watch.


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