DuckDuckGo has made some changes in websites ranking

DuckDuckGo CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, in a Twitter post has announced that they are going to make some changes in their website rankings. He wrote that like many others, he is also disturbed by the Ukraine Crisis. Amid the ongoing events, he announced that DuckDuckGo is going to down-rank Russian domain names spreading misinformation.

Along with the Physical War there is also a Narrative War going on. Both the parties involved in the war are trying to justify their stances. In order to do so, they use different media platforms to propagate their opinions. DuckDuckGo’s step would prevent Russia from spreading its position in the conflict. Gabriel did say that websites spreading misinformation would be down ranked.

However, the decision has brought mixed reactions. Some are happy with this step, as a part of an ongoing parallel Economic War against Russia. While some are not happy. They say that interfering with the search results was the one thing DuckDuckGo wasn’t supposed to do. By doing so, it had violated the principles it was built on.

DuckDuckGo is a growing search engine of the recent times. The engine came into focus amidst various cases of privacy violations as well as search result tampering allegations over Google. The new company claims a secure and untampered environment and is growing continuously. seems to be slipping the grip a little. Earlier this year, dethroned it from the most popular domain name of 2021. And now with the rise of DuckDuckGo. needs to reclaim its ground.


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