DropCatch Experiences Outage – Several Auctions Impacted

Users are reporting that DropCatch experienced a major outage in the last hour. While the website was functional and users were able to login, the auctions itself weren’t accepting bids.

We were able to confirm from several bidders who were unable to place bids on the auctions they had been watching.

“The auction page went blank. I refreshed several times, but nothing. It was blank. Then it suddenly loaded after 2 minutes and the auction was over. This happened despite me being on a 60 Mbps connection”, a frustrated user wrote.

“We lost 3 auctions to blank pages. For some reason, they weren’t loading. Not sure what was up!”, wrote another user who lost multiple auctions to the outage.

Did you experience the same? Were you also able to not place bids? Please share in the comments!


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