Drag Queens vs. Guns: A Tennessee Tale of Hypocrisy and Satire

In a shocking turn of events, Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee has become the latest victim of cyber-attack. The Tennessee Legislature, known for its harsh stance on drag performances, has been left reeling from an unexpected hit to its digital presence.

The culprit? A man named Toby Morton, who snatched up the GovernorBillLee.com domain and turned it into a hilarious and scathing takedown of the state’s Republican governor.

My Racism, My Homophobia, and My Drag Past

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law that severely restricts drag performances in the state. However, what many people might not know is that Governor Bill Lee himself dressed in drag during his high school years “just for fun.” Despite his past, Lee has supported the new law that targets drag performers, who he considers dangerous to children.

On the website’s home page, a large headshot of Governor Lee is flanked by a small rainbow flag and the words “Equality For A Few.” Scroll down to find short blurbs on topics such as “My Racism,” “My Homophobia,” and “My Drag Past,” all accompanied by a rainbow flag background.

The testimonials at the bottom of the page are particularly amusing, with quotes like “Governor Lee might hate me, but I love his website” and “I never knew drag could be so dangerous until GovernorBillLee.com showed me the light.”

I Hate Gays & Muslims, Guns, and More

The site doesn’t stop at poking fun at Governor Lee’s past, though. There are pages dedicated to his stance on guns (because, you know, drag performers are dangerous but everyone should have a gun) and his supposed hatred of gays and Muslims.

But the real gem is the “Proud Drag Boys” page, which promotes a book by Morton that “follows a young boy as he learns the ups and downs of being different and embracing empathy.” And if that’s not enough, there’s even an event planned for May 7 where drag queens will do a live reading of the book.

A Brilliant Coup

Morton’s purchase of the GovernorBillLee.com domain is a brilliant coup that has left the Tennessee Republican party scrambling to do damage control. But it’s not just Governor Lee who’s been targeted – Morton has also managed to buy domains for other Tennessee Republicans, including Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, Congressman Andy Ogles, and Congressman William Lamberth.

Under the “More” drop-down menu, Morton explains his motivations and plans for the websites he’s acquired. And if you’re so inclined, there are links where you can donate to help him spread his message and defend his websites against those who would shut him down.

GovernorBillLee.com is a hilarious and clever take on Tennessee politics that’s sure to leave you in stitches. While Governor Lee may not be thrilled with the website’s content, it’s hard to deny that Morton has a gift for satire and a talent for turning the tables on those in power. So why not check it out and have a good laugh? Here’s the link.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    It’s concerning to see that Governor Bill Lee’s website has been hacked and turned into a satirical takedown of his political views. While political satire is not uncommon, the use of cyber-attacks to express dissent is illegal and unethical. It’s important to respect the privacy and security of individuals and organizations, even if one disagrees with their political views. While the satirical website may be amusing to some, it’s essential to consider the impact such actions can have on political discourse and public trust in government institutions. It’s crucial to promote healthy and constructive dialogue rather than resorting to illegal and harmful means to express dissent.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The clash between drag queens and guns in Tennessee highlights a tale of hypocrisy and satire. The situation exposes a glaring contrast in values and priorities. While drag queens face scrutiny and discrimination, the easy accessibility of firearms raises concerns. This story serves as a reminder of the complexities within society and the need for critical reflection on societal norms and contradictions.

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