Donuts Inc wins big in Best in Biz awards

As reported by PR Newswire, Donuts Inc has won several awards in the Best in Biz Awards, 2021. The awards include a Gold in the ‘Company of the Year‘ (West U.S.) as well as a Bronze in the ‘Fastest growing company of the year‘. 

The company has won these accolades because of its dedication towards Descriptive domain names. Descriptive domain name is a domain name that has an industry specific or purpose specific Top Level Domain. For example TLDs such as .photography, .cafe, .games, .social, .ltd, .company, etc. would make a descriptive domain name. These domain names give a beautiful aspect of recognition, visibility and accessibility to the company. 

Best in Biz awards is an independent business award that brings on the table a variety of distinguished reporters, editors and journalists. The awards are given on two separate programs viz North America and International. The award was started in 2010 and this was it’s 11th ceremony.


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