Domain Therapeutics secures $42 mil funding

Domain Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that works in developing novel drugs for Cancer patients. The Company after operating in this industry for over 14 years has secured its Series A funding of $42 million. 

A number of different Capital Ventures supported the company. This includes Panacea Venture, CTI Life Sciences and 3B Future Health Fund and several others. Company’s existing investor Seventure Partners also participated in the funding. 

Domain Therapeutics intends to use the money for over 2 years. The company has 3 broad areas on the development prospect of which it sought the capital. These include: Clinical development of one of its drugs, to push new innovations to Investigational New Drug Application stage and Discovery stage pipelining of GPCR targeting products. 

Pharmaceutical industry is perhaps one of those big sectors that was profitable even during the pandemic. New drugs and medicine that are effective, safer and have less side effects are always in demand. 

The Company’s vast experience in the field propelled the faith of the investors. Company’s promise, if succeeded, in treating Cancer, would bring a smile on the face of humanity and would also provide the necessary return that the investor was hoping for.


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