Domain of popular drawing app redirected to adult content, transferred

Domain name impersonation is used not only by malicious hackers or phishers. Sometimes they are used only to get enough visits or clicks and thus derive monetary gains from this process. However, this can create damage to the brand in question. 

WIPO recently came across a dispute regarding the domain name The Complainant was Autodesk, Inc. It provides a platform where users can draw digitally. The Respondent has been using the term REVIT for building modeling software and also the domain name

The Complainant has registered the trademark for REVIT in several countries including China, the place of residence of the Respondent. The trademark was registered as far back as 2002.

The Complainant had registered the domain name in December 2020. The domain name was passively held and had adult content and several links to gambling platforms. 

The panel pointed out that the Revit mark was obtained by the Defendant a long ago, including in China. The Respondent used the trademarks of the Complainant by adding random alphabets like ‘a’ and ‘m’ after the mark and forming a domain name. 

The panel transferred the domain name. 

You can read the full story here.


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