Domain name provides perfect branding to this Economic Development Corporation

The DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is a public private partnership to enhance the economic ecosystem of DeKalb County. The County has launched a perfect domain name to mark its 185th anniversary. The domain name provides a great branding opportunity to the Corporation and its initiatives. 

The domain name that was registered is The platform at the domain name provides services in 4 broad categories. These include: Build, Live, Work and Experience. At first, the platform provides information the site selectors look for while identifying locations; lifestyle in the county second; third provides job opportunities while the fourth and the last talks about different activities for visitors. 

The domain name clearly iterates that it provides a wide range of opportunities to its seekers. Such a branding move is going to encourage and motivate people towards it. For a Corporation meant to encourage Economic Development, such a domain name could thus provide the perfect branding opportunity. 

The domain name might just be the perfect getaway that opens ‘unbound opportunities’ to the Corporation as well.


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