Domain Name of popular video game expires, gets new owner

Rebooting is the norm. From theatrical movies to TV series to Comics to Video Games, all are filled with homecoming of the all-loved old superstars. Similar expectations have been going on with the popular video game franchise Silent Hill. However, a domain name expiry might give some weight to those expectations.

Silent Hill is a popular horror video game franchise. There have been several issues of games released. The game was so popular that feature films as well as print works related to it have also been released. But the parent organisation Konami has now stopped making any more of those and doesn’t look pretty excited about the prospects of making any new ones. However, things might change as a domain name expired. has exchanged hands as it expired and wasn’t renewed by Konami. The domain name currently doesn’t show much, except a tweet by the director of Silent Hill, Masahiro Ito.

The tweet shows Ito’s regret with the creation of the character Pyramid Head. Ito wished that he didn’t create the character.

The name of the registrant of the domain name hasn’t been out yet. But, it’s been speculated that he/she must have been a fan of the series. This could also be a good attention gathering stunt that makes the creators notice the popularity and desires towards the loved franchise.

What do you think, would there be any new Silent Hill game? Would this domain name registration make a difference? Answer us in the comments.


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