Domain Name busts name reveal of major american football team?

Racism has no place in the 21st century. The movement against all kinds of discrimination is getting stronger leading to an increasing sensitivity towards the issue, which was missing earlier. This is leading to various changes in the existing system and one of the examples is the name change of a major American Football team.

Washington Football Team is a widely known team in the American version of football. The National Football Team however wasn’t known by this name until very recently. The team was named Washington Redskins, which hurt the sentiments of Native Indian American community. Following a backlash by different media houses and sponsoring brands over the usage of the name, it was eventually dropped. Everyone has been speculating about the new names since.

A report by DC Sports King, however, seems to clear the air for us. According to a WhoIs lookup record, MarkMonitor got the name from Namecheap. It is important to point out here that out of 32 official NFL teams, 25 are hosted by MarkMonitor. is a premium domain name. Sports industry has a taste for names that suggest some kind of action being performed. is a perfect fit for a NFL team with a hint of dominance and  has a classic sound to it.

Could this be the new name Washington was looking for? It appears so. However, we have to wait for the final reveal, which is a week away. Some reports have said that one of the great veterans of the team Charles Mann is not happy with the new name.

Let’s see what new name is adopted. Although, I am pretty sure its going to be Washington Commanders!


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