Domain Name blockage suspends social benefits of doctors

Domain Names play a vital role in the global ecosystem, more than we give it credit for. The entire information supply chain is based on domain names, and the collapse of some of them can cause troubles unimaginable. As evident from this example. 

A number of doctors in France are facing difficulties in getting their Social reimbursements. In France, doctors get reimbursements when they examine a patient or indulge in other healthcare services, from la Sécurité sociale. However, in order to avail this, doctors need to send a proof of their examination to the concerned department. 

The problem lied at the sending of the proof. After trying several times, doctors weren’t able to send their proof. The problems were occurring with the doctors who were using the email services of La Poste. 

The choice of this email service provider wasn’t a coincidence. La Sécurité sociale, had itself recommended La Poste as the email service provider. The people thus started using this for their document validation. 

The problem has been particularly with the email Ids ending with The company had initiated a mass block on its email Ids after it found a huge leak of user data online. The Usernames and Passwords of a number of users were leaked online. To avoid these leaks to be misused, a number of related email Ids have been blocked. 

Action on domain names, wanted or unwanted, had an impact on thousands of doctors and along with them hundreds and thousands of patients. It came in between the doctors and their entitled social benefits. 

That’s how crucial a domain name is.


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