Domain name belonging to Pablo Escobar’s city under rivalry

Pablo Escobar is now a worldwide figure, thanks to Narcos. The druglord of Columbia came to the forefront after the release of the popular Netflix series. Along with Escobar, his city Medellin has not left the memory of the viewers. 

Forum witnessed a domain name dispute regarding the domain name The Complainant was MedellinLiving LLC, while the Respondent was a private individual. 

The Complainant owns the trademark rights over the MEDELLIN LIVING mark. The trademark were registered at USPTO in 2018. The Complainant claims that the Respondent infringed upon its trademark by using them in the domain name. 

The Respondent uses the domain name to operate an English website for the people of Medellin. The website is based in Columbia. The Complainant asserted that its trademarks extended to Colombia. The Respondent also stated that the domain name has been acquired by him from a third party source. 

The panel presented that registering a trademark in a country doesn’t extend its jurisdiction beyond the national territory. The panel stated that the trademarks were registered in 2018. However, the Respondent acquired the domain name from a third party, which had registered the domain name in 2016. Thus, neither the trademark preceded the domain name nor could the Complainant establish the Respondent’s bad faith. 

The Complaint was denied. 

You can read the full case in detail here


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